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“You know that moment when you see someone in their element?

Their passion ignites their whole body and they just radiate and it makes you feel warm and happy?

When I work with Katie this is what I experience and witness.

She loves what she is doing and it shows.”


Roxy Arrojo
Roxy ArrojoTheatrical Writer & Teacher, NYC

“Thank you SO much for sending your meditation audio Katie.
I wish you could understand French, as it would be easier for me to explain what I felt while listening to the audio. Something very powerful happened, man let me tell you ….. still have tears.

Let’s say it was magnificent and magical! 

Thank you for awakening this deep light within me”


Nancy Lussier
Nancy LussierYoga Teacher ~ Kundalini

“Katie has a true gift for healing. As someone who works with energy, it was such a treat to receive from her. She was able to tune into my energy and give me feedback on exactly what I had been feeling come up during our session.

I felt a peaceful calm wash over me as our time together came to an end and in the days to come.

I’d highly recommend booking your session STAT!  

I also had the pure pleasure and honor of being initiated as a Rising Star Practitioner with Katie. It is a beautiful practice and offers so many benefits. If it peaks your interest, definitely check it out.

There are no coincidences 🙂

Michelle Matthews
Michelle Matthews

“It has been my honour and pleasure to work with Katie and the Rising Star.
Katie is pure heart and her work is profound. She exudes love and is a beacon of light in this world.

She is wise and insightful and my experience with Katie’s work has been deep and meaningful beyond words.

Katie is a teacher and a leader among light workers and
always steps up to the plate to provide clarity and encouragement.

I feel so fortunate to know her and her powerful work.”

Lynn Louise Wonder
Lynn Louise Wonder

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